Covid has been hard on all of us, one drawback was to stay confined and not being able to meet others. But not this time..

It was so great to meet so many people after a gap of 2 years!
We displayed 300+ innovative products at the show, with focus on Products being Made in India.

Working on a distribution model, we also unveiled our Mumbai office at Goregaon (E) run by UNI Gifts.

Booth Video Highlights
Booth Overview
Power Plus, the powerhouse of innovative products
Product Category rundown
We displayed 300+ products across various categories,
out of our 1,000+ SKUs.
Made in India
Our Focus is on Eco-Friendly and 'Made in India' Products, reducing dependancy on imports
Household & Lifestyle
We are proud of our wide range of Products that are a fusion of quality with affordability
Highlight of our Best Selling categories from 2021-22
All in all, it was a pleasure meeting old and new customers, who made it a wonderful experience for us
Mumbai Team
Until Next Time!

A glimpse of the show. Venue: Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai